Downey Jr.: I don’t remember my 50th

   Apr 27

Downey Jr.: I don’t remember my 50th

Robert Downey Jr. has promised himself to appreciate things more.

Robert Downey Jr. missed his 50th birthday party.

The Iron Man star celebrated the milestone age on April 4 and gathered with friends and family to fete the occasion.

While everyone had an amazing time, Robert was so distracted he couldn’t remember much of it. It won’t have been down to drinking too much though – he’s been sober for 11 years after suffering with alcohol and drug addiction.

“I threw a huge party – but wasn’t aware of most of it,” he admitted to German newspaper Bild. “The next day, everyone called me and said, ‘That was brilliant!’ That’s why I made my latest resolution: Life is like a rose, you have to smell it as well as see it.”

Robert credits his wife Susan with helping him overcome his demons. She eventually asked him to choose between her and addiction and the star decided not to lose her. They now have two children together, son Exton and daughter Avri.

Robert is busy promoting Avengers: Age of Ultron, which sees him reunite with co-stars Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans as the superhero team. In real life, his parents were his heroes and he shies away from labeling himself as a goodie or a villain, as he believes actors already have “ego problems”.

“I’m not a hero. Life is complicated and difficult enough,” he sighed. “The true heroes are normal people, who get up in the morning and deal with their everyday problems.” …read more      

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