Ed Sheeran: Swift’s the best wingman!

   Apr 26

Ed Sheeran: Swift’s the best wingman!

Ed Sheeran has joked his good friend Taylor Swift is helping him find new women to date following his split from Athina Andrelos recently.

Ed Sheeran has praised his friend Taylor Swift for being “a brilliant wingman”.

The 24-year-old British singer confirmed during an interview on Australian radio program the Kyle And Jackie O Show in March he and longtime girlfriend Athina Andrelos recently ended their relationship.

And Ed has joked his good pal Taylor is actually really good at helping him meet new potential partners.

“She’s a brilliant wingman,” he told British newspaper The Mirror.

However, Taylor’s flirtation skills are no match for Ed’s other friend Shane Warne.

Shane, a famous cricket player, continues to blow Ed away with his schmoozing technique.

“He’s hugely impressive. It’s an art form with him,” The A Team singer noted.

Ed isn’t interested in being on the dating scene for the rest of his life.

The star wants to settle down, as he was exposed to the benefits of monogamy from a very young age.

“I’m from a family where you find a partner and stick with them,” Ed said.

It’s claimed a number of things contributed to Ed’s breakup with Athina, a chef.

Apparently she became extremely frustrated with his behavior at the BRIT Awards in February.

“The final straw was at the after-party. It was a combination of Ed drinking too much and him being unable to deal with a girl that kept bothering them that night,” a source told Heat magazine previously. “The next day, when Athina – who works as a Food Team production assistant at The Jamie Oliver Group – drove Ed to the airport, they spoke about everything and decided to take a break because it was unfair on both of them.

“It wasn’t to do with his fame, it’s just how he’d deal with other people – girls – …read more      

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