Apr 27

Mark Ruffalo: My dad had Hulk anger

Mark Ruffalo found having a brain tumor gave him a lesson in “fallibility and mortality”.

Mark Ruffalo used to think his dad was the Hulk.

The 47-year-old actor plays the iconic comic book character in the Avengers franchise, currently wreaking havoc on the big screen in second installment Age of Ultron.

It wasn’t difficult for Mark to get into the fierce mindset for the role as he simply reminisced about his father’s antagonistic antics.

“I remember distinctly, when my dad used to get angry at me as a kid, I thought he was the Hulk, he just wasn’t green. He was red – a red Hulk,” he recalled to Rolling Stone. “Because he had those heavy eyebrows, and the dark hair, and veins popping out of his neck, and his hands were like these fists, and I would be like, ‘He’s turning into the Hulk! Put a book in your pants!’ He wasn’t physical, but he was so f**king intense. So he’s in there. My understanding of rage has got a deep connection to that.”

Mark himself has had some difficult moments over the years; in 2001 he discovered he had a brain tumor, just ahead of the birth of his first child with wife Sunrise Coigney. While it turned out to be benign, it did leave half of his face paralyzed for a long time. He’s now left with no hearing in his left ear, but at the time he lost out on a few more things, such as a role in 2002 movie Signs to Joaquin Phoenix.

“I literally begged [director] M. Night Shyamalan to let me do that part anyway, even with the paralyzed face,” Mark recalled. “You start making deals: ‘OK, whoever, whatever – take my hearing but don’t take me away from my kid.’ That’s a heavy moment to happen at …read more      

   Apr 27

Downey Jr.: I don’t remember my 50th

Robert Downey Jr. has promised himself to appreciate things more.

Robert Downey Jr. missed his 50th birthday party.

The Iron Man star celebrated the milestone age on April 4 and gathered with friends and family to fete the occasion.

While everyone had an amazing time, Robert was so distracted he couldn’t remember much of it. It won’t have been down to drinking too much though – he’s been sober for 11 years after suffering with alcohol and drug addiction.

“I threw a huge party – but wasn’t aware of most of it,” he admitted to German newspaper Bild. “The next day, everyone called me and said, ‘That was brilliant!’ That’s why I made my latest resolution: Life is like a rose, you have to smell it as well as see it.”

Robert credits his wife Susan with helping him overcome his demons. She eventually asked him to choose between her and addiction and the star decided not to lose her. They now have two children together, son Exton and daughter Avri.

Robert is busy promoting Avengers: Age of Ultron, which sees him reunite with co-stars Mark Ruffalo, Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans as the superhero team. In real life, his parents were his heroes and he shies away from labeling himself as a goodie or a villain, as he believes actors already have “ego problems”.

“I’m not a hero. Life is complicated and difficult enough,” he sighed. “The true heroes are normal people, who get up in the morning and deal with their everyday problems.” …read more      

   Apr 27

Calvin ‘cheated on model gf with Taylor’

Calvin Harris reportedly began dating Taylor Swift before he’d ended his relationship with model Aarika Wolf.

Calvin Harris allegedly cheated on Aarika Wolf with Taylor Swift.

The Scottish DJ has been photographed with the American singer on a number of occasions in recent weeks. And while it was previously reported that the pair met after he broke up with his model girlfriend of six months, Aarika, it’s now being claimed there was an overlap.

“Calvin and Aarika met on the set of his music video Blame in August, and they started officially dating in October,” a source told the New York Daily News’ Confidential column. “They were full-on boyfriend/girlfriend for about six months; totally joined at the hip.”

According to the insider, Calvin admitted to a friend that he had cheated on the 21-year-old with the Shake It Off singer. He reportedly waited a while before stepping out and being photographed with his new lady in order to cover his tracks.

“He ended up breaking up with Aarika, and then just pretended that the Taylor Swift stuff happened after [the breakup],” the source continued. “Aarika probably knows now that she was cheated on.”

The 31-year-old was first pictured with Taylor at a Whole Foods store in Texas before they attended a Kenny Chesney concert together. They have been photographed in matching ensembles and holding hands but the insider believes the love triangle could have been for nothing, as the new couple may not stand the test of time.

“It’s awkward because Calvin’s friends are very much the late-night club and DJ crowd; Taylor doesn’t seem to fit in,” they added. “Calvin’s friends think he’s doing it because it’s good for his profile — and he kind of thinks it’s funny.”

Representatives for all three stars have yet to comment on the latest claims. …read more      

   Apr 27

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder ‘wed’

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder appear to have tied the knot in an intimate ceremony over the weekend.

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder have seemingly got married.

The couple got engaged at the end of January after around a year of dating and their relationship blossomed just over a month after Nikki’s divorce from Paul McDonald was finalized.

And it appears the pair couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle as countless photos have emerged on social media this morning, which seem to have been taken by fans and paparazzi looking at the scene from afar.

In the snaps a woman who closely resembles the Twilight actress is seen wearing a stunning white gown with lace sleeves and a billowing white skirt as her brunette tresses are worn down and wavy.

Wearing matching attire, the man thought to be Ian looks dapper in a white suit as he poses next to his wife and kisses her.

In one photo the groom even lifts his new spouse up and carries her across the grassland, as guests in the background look on happily.

Neither have commented yet, but Ian seems to have hinted at the happy occasion on his Twitter.

“most beautiful morning ever… (sic)” he tweeted yesterday, with followers congratulating him.

Fans went wild over the snaps. One user, @wennie_xo, wrote: “@iansomerhalder @NikkiReed_I_Am Love is in the air Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Somerhalder/Reed wedding pics (sic)”.

Meanwhile @kasia1992z gushed: “OMG I can’t they looks so beautiful even more pics @iansomerhalder @NikkiReed_I_Am Ian Nikki #somereedwedding (sic)”.

He and Nikki have kept their love rather quiet since getting together, though the brunette beauty did reveal she feels like a “very lucky lady” in February when quizzed on her engagement to the Vampire Diaries hunk.

She’s voiced nothing but praise for her ex-husband Paul, while Ian is on good terms with his ex-girlfriend, Vampire Diaries co-star …read more