Nick Jonas: Love makes life easier

   Apr 26

Nick Jonas: Love makes life easier

Nick Jonas has spoken about how having girlfriend Olivia Culpo as his “teammate” benefits his mental and emotional state.

Nick Jonas thinks having love in his life “makes things a little easier”.

The 22-year-old Chains singer has been dating Miss Universe 2012 winner Olivia Culpo since 2013.

And he appreciates having the stunning model by his side, because Olivia really helps him out when the star needs support the most.

“I think anytime you have a teammate it makes things a little easier,” Nick told People magazine. “It has been a wild ride and a crazy year and a half. It’s been really special.”

Last year Nick released his solo LP, entitled Nick Jonas, to great success.

His great reception as a solo artist came soon after the Jonas Brothers disbanded.

Nick’s single Jealous went Platinum when he released it last November. Although the song’s lyrics describe a situation in which a man becomes extremely jealous when other men show attraction to his girlfriend, Nick says in real life he’s not really that defensive about Olivia, at least not any longer.

“The song would have you thinking otherwise,” he said. “But that experience that I wrote the song of actually helped me process it and make it easy to deal with.”

Nick’s tune Jealous is such a huge hit, pop royalty Rihanna even did a cover of it.

When Nick caught wind of Rihanna’s version, he made his friends watch her singing the track on repeat.

“I was in the car and it was the perfect time to have seen the video,” he recalled to BBC Radio 1 host Nick Grimshaw.

“I was out with my buddies about to go have a drink and saw, ‘Oh, what’s this video?’ and it’s Rihanna, singing my song. I showed my buddies 100 times: ‘Have you seen this video of Rihanna…?’ It’s so …read more      

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