Backstreet Boy Nick Carter dismayed that his son is hooked on “Baby Shark”

   Jan 11

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter dismayed that his son is hooked on “Baby Shark”

Ollie Millington/RedfernsBack in the day, there were probably a lot of parents who weren't thrilled that their kids were listening to Backstreet Boys hits like "I Want It That Way." Well, now Backstreet's Nick Carter is a parent himself...and he isn't too thrilled with what his kid is rocking out to, either.

Nick posted a video on Twitter that shows his two-year-old son Odin glued to the TV set as the ultra-catchy children's hit "Baby Shark" plays. "Oh geez! Daily basis, this is all we watch!” Nick says in the video. "Can I turn it off?"

"No," says Odin. "You wanna watch that?" asks Nick. When Odin nods his head, Nick says in disgust, "Oh, God."

Nick then turns the camera on himself, shakes his head and says, "He won't quit."

Perhaps referring to the fact that this week "Baby Shark" became a Top 40 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, Nick captioned the video, "#babyshark is on its way to beat @backstreetboys song #IWantItThatWay and go down as one of the greatest pop songs of all time. might even win a #grammy #godhelpus."

Next month, The Backstreet Boys are competing for their first Grammy in 17 years. They're up for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for their hit "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

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